Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Card - A Little Turkey Fun!

Yeah for a fun and playful turkey!  I haven't been posting because we are traveling.  Our trip brought us to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to surprise my baby brother
Cam for his 40th birthday!  It was a 19.5 hour drive that we stretched out to 3 days to arrive for his party.  He was completely surprised twice!  Once for the party, and then as he scanned the crowd of family and friends and spotted us.  

While here, I wanted to have some creative time with my sister in law Haley and create our Thanksgiving cards.  As I showed you in my previous blog posting, I cut everything out before my trip and packed all the essentials needed.  We spread out on the dining room table and created 9 cards together.  It took us about two hours to create them from start to finish.  
We did a lot of layering with foam squares to give interesting dimension   

 The file is from SVG Cutting Files - Chibi Turkey Pilgrim.  
Here is the link:

I did a lot of chalking around the edges.  My sister in law said she definitely noticed the difference between the turkey that was not chalked and the one that was!  This adds dimension, it gives another layer of color, and it makes the edges pop!  For example, on the black hat, it's needed some life.  So by going around the edge with a little gold, it gives the hate some character and now it looks less "flat".  Of course this is all personal choice and you could do none or add as much as you want.  

I have some close up pictures so you can see the detailing.  I used Color Box chalk pads with a sponge.  I also used white and black gel pens for the detailing around wings, his tail feathers, on his feet, the hat, body and head.  The eyes are very important and that little bit of white and black helps to give him life instead of just a blank stare! 

 We won't be home until next week and I look forward to getting back in my craft room to start creating things for Christmas and a few birthday's I have coming up!

Happy Thanksgiving!  
Be thankful!  

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