Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Prepping My Thanksgiving Cards

         We are preparing for a two week trip.  I'll reveal the location this weekend as there is a surprise involved.  I have been busy packing, running errands, taking care of "life" things.  I really hate during those times that my crafting goes on hold, as crafting is a big stress relief for me!  This trip will take us to some special people who I would like to craft with.  I have planned out a thanksgiving card for us to make.  I will be using the SVG Cutting Files Chibi Turkey and the Oval Card Base.  Links for these will be included below.
        I love files like this turkey because it's great to use scrap paper.  I keep my scrap paper in file folders by color.  I cut out 9 cards for us to make together and separated the file in Silhouette Design Studio and duplicated so I had 9 of each piece. Then I knew what size scraps I needed of each   color.  I found those and marked each piece of paper with the piece of the turkey they would be used for.  I write super small so it won't effect my cut area.
       While my pieces were cutting, I grabbed some small plastic bags and marked what pieces would go into each.  It will be several days before we assemble the cards, and I know through the excitement of the trip and other activities that will be going on, I won't remember what piece is what lol Even though it will probably be very obvious!
        During my cutting time I also pulled my Color Box chalk ink pads that we will use to chalk the edges of each piece.  I also picked out some ribbon and copper brads.  Those small embellishments really add so much to a card.  Add to the big packing bag some white and black pens, some sponges, small scissors, a rubber stamp with a humorous Thanksgiving poem, and envelopes for the cards.  I packed the cardstock cuts in between cardboard so they will be safe in my suitcase.  I will post the finished projects sometime next week!
Links for files used:
Chibi Turkey:
Oval Card Base:

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