Thursday, November 6, 2014


       Want to follow me on istagram?  My name is:
Shanonwithonen  What does that mean??? Divide it out and it is a short sentence: Shanon with one n - the actual spelling of my first name.

        I was born in 1973.  I am the oldest child and only daughter.  My dad saw a commercial for Pacific Bell, the phone company in Los Angeles, California.  A little girl answered the phone and said "Hi, my name is Shannon" and he thought she was beautiful - and he wanted to name his daughter after her - hence how I got my name.  But then comes the spelling.  He said to the doctor when I was born, "just spell it as short as possible".  And the doctor put on my birth certificate "Shanon"... 
        So all of my life I have been cursed with people thinking that I misspelled my own name and that I really meant Sharon or Shannon.  And every certificate I received in school, activities, and sports had my name misspelled.  It used to irritate me.  However the older I get the more I embrace it.  My name spelling is special.  My dad picked it.  Even though he gave the power to the doctor by saying to make it as short as possible, really this was the only way left to spell it!  
        What made me choose my instagram name?  I looked at all my future insta friends.  Some friends have creative names like ladybug or smileintherain.  Many used their first and last name.  My last name is very unique, Cimbura.  And as far as I know, there are no other Shanon Cimbura's.  But there again lies my problem.  If people can't spell Shanon with only one n, think about how they try to spell my last name which is pronounced Sim - burr - ah!  
        It's actually pretty easy for me to say my name is Shanonwithonen "all spelled out" and people get it.

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