Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Special people deserve special gifts....

I was invited to an intimate bridal shower for a friend, who had at one time been a player on a Varsity basketball team I coached.  They grow up so quickly!  Because she is such a special person, she deserved a special gift!  This is an 11x14 frame with burlap inside.  I found the design online and traced it with my Silhouette program.  It proved to be one of the most complicated tracings I have done to date because many of the leaves were not closed on the end or edges.  The letters were also very small and the weeding was difficult.  I had to re-cut several l's and i's.  But I am proud of the result and Alex sent me a picture today of it hanging in their home.  Alex married a soldier and he was stationed in another state.  I love that making something personal helps keep the connection to home no matter how far away you are!  

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