Tuesday, October 28, 2014

From Lumber Bridge, NC to Bagram, Afghanistan - Happy Birthday To My Husband!

My husband is currently in Bagram, Afghanistan for 8 months.  When we were first married in 1994 we did not have email, skype, or cell phones.  I would wait at home for days not wanting to leave because I was afraid I would miss his calls.  In those times we hand wrote letters.  He would tare a page out of whatever notebook he could find and write to me about what our future would be like... After Jordyn was born (our oldest daughter) he would write to her too!  He would send us post cards from his military adventures in Cuba, Korea, Germany, and such.  I have kept all of those in my bottom dresser drawer.  As times changed, email took over.  I did print out many over the years, but they do tend to get short and impersonal.  This is our first separation out of the country in a couple of years and his birthday is coming up on November 10th.  We have put together a care package of the "necessities" he requested as well as some goodies.  And of course this package wouldn't be complete without a handmade card!  SVGCuttingfiles.com is my favorite file store.  I used five files for this card!  Chibi Labrador Pup Dog, Pomeranian Pup, Chihuahua Pup, and Trapezoid Card Base, and the bed from the Yorkies file. These are our three dogs. Luna the black lab, Maddie the pomahuahua (she is a cross with a pomeranian and a chihuahua), and Maizy our Pomeranian (Maddie's momma).  It turned out to be a large card, 11" wide by 7" tall.  I was nervous that I couldn't make the pups that small.  But now I know I would have been fine!  It did give me lots of room to write to him as well as the kids to include a note as well.  I know he cherishes personal things while he is away and what could be better than remembering my craftiness lol  

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