Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jumping in with both feet!

My husband left for Afghanistan.  This is nothing new to our family.  He is a 20 year Veteran and we have gone through many separations.  But this is a little different.  I find myself a bit lonely.  You see this trip we have a daughter away at college, another a senior in highschool with the typical crazy schedule, and our son is 12.  Which means I find myself not needed as much.  At first I think - "wow, I can do whatever I want with my time!" and yet I find myself blank... I am a creative person who loves to scrapbook, make cards, create designs and files on my Silhouette, paint, sew - I am a crafter!  And yet I sit with no direction... I sit here with all the time I've dreamed of and I'm stuck.  So in order to dig myself out I have looked for direction from other crafters.  In the last month I have completed three challenges.  I'm proud of what I created and feel like I'm ready to clean the cobwebs out of my brain and jump in with both feet to start working on my personal scrapbook projects and cards again with some motivation.  I hope to take some time to document my journey and share the projects I create and include some personal updates about our crazy life along the way.
- Shanon

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