Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Road To Our Heart Is Paved With Paw Prints - Vinyl Wall

As a crafter, I enjoy working with all different mediums.  I purchased a metal print off Groupon and had it printed with a picture of our two "little girls".  I must admit that the true reason that I put up this vinyl is laziness lol  I hung the new print on the existing nail, not wanting to patch the hole and place a new nail in order to lower the print.  I found this design on the Silhouette store.  I did have a difficult time using Contact Paper as a transfer and lost a few paw prints.  I have since purchased "true" transfer paper and it is worth every penny!  My vinyl hint is to clean the wall well and let it dry.  I used water with a bit of dish soap and then wiped it again with water.  When applying the design, before removing the transfer paper, burnish - burnish - burnish (meaning go over and over and over) with a tennis ball to make your design stick well.  Then start at a corner and slowly remove the paper.  This is a matte black from Oracle vinyl.  

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Lorie said...

Again, I just love this! We just had to let go of one of our dogs...the 2nd one in less than a year...and this saying touches my heart!