Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday - 1 of 2

      November 19th my brother Cam will turn 40 years old.  I am older (cough cough already 40ish) therefore I'm allowed to tease him, taunt him, make fun of him, etc...And I plan on doing exactly that! I've shopped off his Amazon wish list, but frankly that is boring!  So I just HAVE to make exciting cards!  This is part one of two I plan to make.        
      Early hair loss is prevalent in our family and my brother has been losing his hair since his 20's.  He has done like most of my cousins and shaved his head for years.  Therefore this candy box designed by is perfect!  I used scrap printed grey paper for the mustache, hair, and eyebrows.  I chalked the edges of the face, nose, and ear pieces to add dimension and detailing.    My choice for chalking is Color Box chalk pads and I use make up sponges to apply it by dabbing and dragging along the edges in a darker color.  I was very surprised at how much candy this box holds, almost a whole bag!  It was very easy to assemble and took less than 10 minutes after cutting to chalk and assemble.
      We live in North Carolina and will be traveling to Arkansas to see my brother.  I look forward to sneaking into his office and placing this on his desk so when he arrives for work (he works out of his home) we can both have a chuckle.  This will be a fun reminder to sit on his desk until he finishes the candy and then maybe his wife will continue to fill it for him!
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