Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#WBW Valentine's Day Cards

Here is a #WBW (way back Wednesday) picture from Valentine's Day this year.  Let's start at the top left.  The giraffe card is a file from from the "Cuddly Animal Collection".  We joke with our oldest daughter and call her a giraffe.  She grew so quickly in high school to 5' 10" and when she played basketball we said she looked like a giraffe learning to run on it's legs.  She knows it is a term of endearment!

  The center top is a file from the Silhouette store.  Our middle daughter loves elephants and I had the paper I wanted to use so I knew I needed a larger simple design in order to use the paper and have it be a clean design.  I think this is an adorable mommy and child cut!  It also gave me a lot of room to right everything I wanted.  I can be long winded lol and a lot of room is needed for love!

Top right, is a card I made for my mom.  By the time I had worked on all the others I needed something that was quick!  (Like 5 minutes quick lol) and I believe this was probably meant to be a Mother's Day card.  It is from the Silhouette store.  I ended up not seeing my mom that morning so I added some Stickles, and paper flowers to it before I gave it to her.  Mom my always appreciates homemade cards from me.

Bottom left is my love birds card for my husband.  I don't remember where the file for this card came from.  My husband is always good about letting me be a little "girly" and he does appreciate my time in making him something.  It also turned out to be a beautiful element on my Valentine's spread in our scrapbook.

Bottom center and bottom right are both simple layered cards from the Silhouette store. These were for extended family and when I have something to mail I try to keep them simple and not include 3D elements as those require extra postage and padding to arrive safely.  Something else to consider when mailing is that using embellishments like Stickles or Liquid Pearls can become sticky when mailing conditions include heat and humidity and can stick to the envelope or other cards in the package.  

My favorite card is the sea turtle in the middle.  I am proud to say that this is only my second tracing cut I had ever done.  I found the sea turtle picture online (I search through Google and use the "image" option.)  It took me approximately 1.5 hours to trace because there was a lot of "cleaning up" to do of little parts that needed to be erased.  The hardest part was to visualize how it would turn out once cut with all the little pieces to glue.  I love olive shades of paper and believe the choice of olives was perfect for this card.  My son loved it!

Now of course everyone expects me to design and cut even better cards for next year!  I should start pondering them now!


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